Saturday, June 27, 2009

Plies Wearing Fake Jewelry?

Surprise! It’s a well known not too well kept secret in the music industry that many of the rappers chains you see being flaunted today are not the official deal. Often they are half and half’s, which is half fake diamonds

and half real diamonds, and sometimes they are just 100% bullshit. There is a top quality fake diamond company called Ziamonds who many celebrities have admitted copping pieces off them including the likes of Nelly and 50 Cent. It is now coming out that one of the south’s premier stunners when it comes to the jewelery game may be rocking nothing more than shiny pieces of glass made through the company.

Plies has always been sick with the jewels. From his GOON face chain to the multi colored necklaces he rocks, he’s always been a fool with it. Last week though after a show in Minnesota, Plies returned to his hotel room and supposedly discovered two of his diamond necklaces had been stolen. Word is the thief who got off with the jewels immediately tried to cash them in but was told the only thing real on the chain was the gold metal. All the stones were straight cubic zirconia’s! Recently Plies just debuted his third GOON chain which is all yellow “diamonds”, and this talk is making a lot of people wonder.

I’ve always said when it comes to a few of these rappers, that either they have spent every dollar they’ve earned into this jewelry, or it’s fake. Some of these guys have never went more than gold, yet they have more jewelry than Pharrell and Baby combined. How many rappers do you think are faking the jewels?

Author: AB

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