Saturday, June 27, 2009

Gucci Scared Of Jeezy?

The Gucci Mane and Young Jeezy beef is back in full swing after a year or so of cooling down. Jeezy recently debuted his diss song to Gucci at an ATL club and so far Gucci has been pretty quiet about the response. In fact he said he doesn’t plan on making a response and thought the song was pretty good. However both of them just did the Hot 107.9 B-Day Bash concert in Atlanta and most people expected them to clash backstage.

But to everyone’s surprise nothing happened! And it sounds like for good reason. Workers in the backstage area have come out and said that Gucci refused to even leave his dressing room until it was time for him to perform and required security to escort him to and from the stage. Word in the A is that Gucci is shook of Jeezy and doesn’t want any part of him. It would seem Gucci would have a little more balls in this one, as he already did shoot and kill the last goons Jeezy sent for him, but it looks like that is not the case. People are saying Gucci just plans to run and hide until this whole thing blows over.

Personally to me this is all dumb. I think these two should just square off and sell it on par per view or something. I know one thing is for sure, Gucci better get his mind right and start throwin some shots back or else the people will not fuck with him any more. Gucci has a street following and the streets don’t respect people who don’t retaliate in times of conflict. Why not just send Juiceman out for him? He seems expendable…

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