Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Industry Responds To Jay-Z's Death Of Autotune

New York rappers Jay-Z and Nas now have one more thing in common. Both artists have caused an uproar in the industry with respective releases.

In 2006, Nas set the industry abuzz after declaring Hip Hop was dead. Three years later, his Brooklyn counterpart, has done the same with his latest release, Death Of Autotune.

The track, released late last week, takes aim at current industry trends--specifically auto tune. You can listen to it here.

After releasing the track, Jay called into Funkmaster Flex and Mister Cee at Hot 97's studios to explain that he's taking aim at artists who use Auto-Tune as a crutch.

He also compared the vocal enhancement usage by rappers to wearing throwback sports jerseys back in the day: Everybody started to wear them and they got played out.

"I think I said something important," he said, adding that he spoke out "only on the aspect of moving [the conversation] forward," and elaborated about who he was not going at.

"The guys who did it, did it great," he explained. "T-Pain, he does great melodies. If you listen to Kanye, great melodies. If you listen to [West's] 'Say You Will' or 'Heartless,' great melodies. [Lil Wayne and T-Pain's] 'Lollipop' was a fantastic melody. Everybody can't do it. Let them guys do it.

They got their little niche, let's move on. That's just my opinion. I don't know if everybody feels the same way."

This past Saturday, T-Pain joined Jay-Z at Summer Jam, showing his support for the track.

Hov's clarification didn't seem to please everyone however. Harlem, New York's DJ Webstar, who had a hit using Auto-Tune with his song "Dancing on Me," Tweeted about "D.O.A." and his thoughts on Jay.

"Who heard old ass Jay Z hating?"

The Harlem youngster who's also responsible for "Chicken Noodle Soup," is planning to release a diss record.

"I gotta go hard or go home! Releasing new song tomorrow stay tuned people! Nas Ether will be nothing compared to this JZ diss."

Ron Browz, who has also used auto-tune on a bevy of tracks, kept it a bit more political saying:

"Everyone's entitled to their own opinion. I make fun records that everyone sings along to and that's what I'm going to continue to do."

"I'm contributing to Hip Hop--when people thought Hip Hop was all quiet, I came with the record and brought fun back to the club. I don't think its a crutch, Hip Hop at the end of the day is fun. I took auto-tune to have some fun with it. When Snoop did it he was having fun with it, when Pain uses it, when 50 played around with it, Weezy, they were having fun with it.

That's like saying sampling is out, you can't sample anymore. No, sample is a part of Hip Hop--whatever you use to make dope records is a part of Hip Hop. At the end of the day, a hot record is a hot record and wack record is a wack record wether it uses auto tune or not."

Jim Jones also took aim at Jay on Twitter. "An old sucka, LOL," Jones Tweeted. "We back, and if he kilt Auto-Tune then we must be Easter, the resurrection, LOL."

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